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André René Roussimoff, besser bekannt als André the Giant, war ein französischer Wrestler und Schauspieler. Roussimoff litt an den Wachstumskrankheiten Riesenwuchs und Akromegalie, die ihn sehr groß werden ließen und eine sehr massige Konstitution. Durch seine beeindruckende Körpergröße von nun etwa 2,13 m und sein Gewicht von rund kg wurde er zu einer absoluten Publikumsattraktion. Typisch für. André the Giant prägte mit Getöse das Wrestling - doch er litt sehr unter Sechzigerjahre flog das Show-Schwergewicht zu Einsätzen weltweit. André litt unter Hypersomie (eine Hormonstörung), wodurch er eine Körpergröße von 2,26 m und ein Gewicht von kg erreichte. André the Giant Giant Machine. Namenszusätze, „The 8th Wonder Of The World“ „The Gentle Giant“. Körpergröße, cm. Kampfgewicht,

Andre The Giant Gewicht

André the Giant Giant Machine. Namenszusätze, „The 8th Wonder Of The World“ „The Gentle Giant“. Körpergröße, cm. Kampfgewicht, Zu sagen dass der französische Wrestler und Schauspieler André the giant (​) in einer ganz eigenen Welt Das Gewichtheben war seine Spezialität. André the Giant Giant Machine. Namenszusätze: „The 8th Wonder Of The World“ „The Gentle Giant“. Körpergrösse: cm. Kampfgewicht: kg - kg. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Visit web page Cancel. Next I measured how many pixels high Ali's head is in the photo his head is tilted a bit, so I compensated see more that and divided that number by 9. Ethan Payne. The story about Click to see more Bol wanting to meet Andre has been around for quite some time aswell. Mai Coulommiers source, Frankreich. The Undertaker 6ft 6 cm. Andre had the footwear advantage If Andre was not 7' peak he was damn close. After that he was too big and too slow to even look good at the ring.

Hij woog tussen de en kilo gedurende zijn tijd bij de WWE. Zijn ongekende omvang leidde tot een bijnaam die hem zou blijven achtervolgen: "The Eighth Wonder of the World", het achtste wereldwonder.

Roussimoff overleed op jarige leeftijd. Bij zijn begrafenis waren onder andere Hulk Hogan en The Rock aanwezig.

Roussimoff is officieus gekroond tot "Grootste Dronkaard ter Wereld", vanwege het drinken van biertjes ml per glas, oftewel 41 liter in 6 uur.

Deze tolerantie ten opzichte van drank kan te maken hebben gehad met zijn grote postuur. Het hotelpersoneel kon hem niet verplaatsen en moest hem laten liggen tot hij wakker werd.

Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. WWE Hall of Famers. Naamruimten Artikel Overleg. Nevertheless , an Andre looked at least 3inches taller than peak taker.

Its the top of the head that matters there is no way theres a 3 to 4 inch difference. That's not a real pic but rather a photoshopped image I did, where I blended 2 pics together.

So I'd say the comparison is about as close to a real pic as you can get. If Taker raised his head he'd probably be close to the same height as Andre there.

Andre of course is losing some height there because he's leaning on his crutches. Eric C. I take lots of pictures comparing my self to doorframes and it would be fascinating to see the same for Andre.

For me lol. Next I measured how many pixels high Ali's head is in the photo his head is tilted a bit, so I compensated for that and divided that number by 9.

Then I checked how many pixels are between the top of Ali's head and the top of Andre's and divided it by the ppi, telling you how many inches taller Andre is than Ali, and finally added that number to Ali's indicated 6'2" height.

The exact same procedure was repeated using the photo of Brutus the B. Not conclusive, but interesting. Some people even pegged him at 6'9".

If you watch the video that the still you posted is from Duggan is always stretching up and Andre looking down.

I posted a while ago what I thought was the best part of that video as far as Andree standing his tallest and Andre still looked about 6'10"-6' That was due to his weight gain by then.

As a young man around 18, he was already 6' With or without shoes? Don't know about that one. Andre's proportions where not that of average man, or even other very tall men such as basketball players.

Would love to hear what the Andre fanboys have to say about me being a downgrader, ahahahaha But maybe he managed that out of bed in his prime.

In fact ITs very possible. And for those who care on this site, Andre's tailor measurement's in was And give or take, most tailors will have you wear your shoe's.

But some do not. Better I crush his spirit and not his spine. I'm a pacifist when there's too many witnesses -- kidding.

You're definitely in the minority here. Andre was never more than 6' NEVER 7'0". Guys who are real 7-footers would never get called 6'9" buy 6'5" guys like Chuck Wepner Andre was 7' tall at one point and of course he lost height in his older years I see you on here crying about kane, show and everyone You are 6'5".

Click Here A bit of advice: don't downgrade the guy you insinuate is a downgrader. Click Here Also, I haven't been on this site for maybe 3 and a half months As for my height being no "big deal," it would seem you include your supposed height as part of your username.

Notice how I don't. Lastly, don't bother trying to bait me into responding to a pest like you again. I have better things to do. Say hi to Barbie for me, Ken.

Pituitary surgery decreases height significantly. I had a friend who was 7 feet 2 and after surgery he was 6 foot 8.

Andre was about 6 feet 10 but wwf still kept his original height. He being 6 foot 10 becomes apparent when you look at him in various talk shows.

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. And even if he had chosen to have the surgery of which he didn't one does not lose height from the surgery.

The removal of the tumor puts a halt to further growth from occurring. It does not reverse ones height.

Now to correct the rest of your mixed up post. The back surgery was in I believe one in as well if I'm not mistaken and the knee surgery was in the early 's.

He also broke his ankle stepping out of bed in , which is really when his body began to first betray him.

I encountered one, once and I was definitely on higher pavement than him, not to mention he seem to have less footwear than me.

Since that i make very good career. I was pretty close to top of the world. Marko was slim kg only pure mucle. Now he is doing ironman competitions and do a lot of long distace running etc.

In youtube u can see videos about him. Marko is probably strongest one still even he is i guess really slim kg..

Marko did stop strong man career because he did get too many back problems. Still he is super active around age 51 or so.

Running also maratons etc. He was also really promosing in boxing. But he choose strongman career. He weighs around , yet looks skinny.

My tallest close friend is cm tall. I weight more than lbs so it is not only height what matters. After that he was too big and too slow to even look good at the ring.

He was way too massive to move around fast at that stage. Let's just look at 6'11 super tall? I mean a very tall man I say is a good 6'4 - 6'5 - super tall has to be 6'8 and above??

His size was not his height. He was BIG not actually super tall. Max 6' It only makes you finally stop growing. But, not for the reasons you are giving.

He had what looked like an very average size head on a very tall body. One can play with factions to get a desired result.

But if Smits had a 9" long head and Andre came up to his eyes, which is where I believe he would have.

Then Smits was about 4. If Smits was really 7'4" then Andre was about 6' Of course a person can try to guess footwear, exact fractions, and question my estimates to come up with their own desired results.

But realistically Andre in mid morning was around 6'11". He was probably closer to 6'10" by evening. I don't think its likely that Andre had lost more than an inch of true height by that time, if even that much.

My guess is a Peak Andre would have been right around 7' in the morning and probably dropped to around 6'11" evening.

Lane was a tall man and no need for lifts??? He may have been a bit taller in the early 70's but he was starting to put on more weight, which affected his posture.

Andre may still have a bigger heel. The way your comment reads though may be misleading to those that are not aware of the actual video and circumstances.

It felt like he was a head taller, but in reality the top of my head was probably at his bottom lip, maybe middle of his mouth.

No he wasn't wearing cowboy boots. I can tell you that Andre was taller than a 6'9" guy that was in the same motor pool as me, and that Andre was noticeably shorter than Rick Smits.

Maybe 4" shorter than Smits, but certainly not 6". Even with Footwear Advantage. Although I believe in the evening its possible he may have been closer to 6'10".

I just didn't see him in the evening to know this for sure. Thank you. But,I think that Shohei Baba was at least cm. In one interview wag looks a good 2 inches plus poor than Big John Studd.

And the other interview I seen stud looks a little taller than lad, does anybody think. Possibly stud would have been wearing something in his boots to boost his height a little bit?

Monsoon had his head down but you can tell lad has him by at least 5 in or so. I think lad was legit six nine maybe six and nine and a half whatever NFL team measured him I think he was at 6 9.

Now I've seen matches with Andre where he looks about three inches taller than lad which would give him the 7-foot mark.

In regards to Gorilla Monsoon I met him when I was 12 years old on the Wildwood Boardwalk he was selling tickets but he was sitting down older later on in the night I seen him standing and his feet were at least size 16 I remember he had leather Adidas on.

He was so big that I was afraid to ask him for his autograph. I really think he was closer to 6 5 than 6 4.

I think it would be cool if you put Gorilla Monsoon on his own page Rob. Absolutely someone posted a pic of Andre and Richard kill both appearing on the David Letterman show and they caught them at the doorway before they were coming in and they pretty much look the same height.

When Keel appeared in the golf movie with Adam Sandler he was on crutches and didn't look any taller than Maybe how much do these guys lose these Giants in height when they get older.

Editor Rob. I've heard a thousand times about this Meltzer thing where Andre was supposedly measured in Japan at six nine and three quarters.

He was 13 at the time he got measured there are a lot of photographs out there as I pointed out where he was measures 7 ft or a little more.

I called him out to provide proof. I'm sorry just because its Dave saying it does not make it fact. My take on Dave is that he is an arrogant know it all who believes his own press clippings.

He assumes that if he says it, then it is fact. He's intelligent yes, informed very, but now thinks he is above longtime wrestling fans, and I'm not buying into his bs.

When he can provide documented proof, we can let it go. Until then all he has is hearsay, just like the rest of us. Abdullah was a legit lbs depending on time of year, LOL!

The question is? The heels on his wrestling boots were huge! Anyone have any better knowledge of this for input? Also, keep in mind!

Abdullah has a massive footwear advantage over Andre in that match! As far as the butcher match Andre looks just massive in height and sheer mass.

Meltzer also pegs him at 6' He looks absolutely enormous in this match, especially considering the size of his opponent. After that I believe he slowly started losing height until that bam bam picture in where he looks about six nine and a half.

I have seen Andre lives and been within 10 feet of him, and I have over videos of him some closer to his prime by the way I post as gretz I believe the best evidence for Andre being 7 foot plus is in the cake picks From I think just searched for them you will find them I posted them before.

I believe his top height could have reach 7 ft. Search for the Bobby hull photo he was measured by scientist at 5 foot 10 so that's a definitive height and Hull is on higher ground.

Andre appears to be at least 15 inch taller than him. Also in a pick with Wahoo mcdaniel who is listed at 6 foot one by the Denver Broncos I believe appears definitely be about Andre appears to look at least 7 foot in this picture and they both have cowboy boots on I believe.

Also I believe the last time Andre was around seven foot was in I think in the background pic when they are near a cinder block wall other that's hardly accurate measurement to go by.

I was measuring cinder block walls in a fire tower where I used to work and I always came up with a different measurement so you can't really use it.

But I think I his Peak Andre was between 7 ft and 7 ft. But I will say by when he was wrestling Bam Bam I don't even know if he's six nine and a half he lost quite a bit of height.

Andre had the footwear advantage If Andre was not 7' peak he was damn close. But by the early 's he was being billed at 7'4. The Pic with 7'1 Wilt Chamberlain shows he was at best 6'11, with the cowboy boots on 7'1 or so.

So 6'11 bare feet peak height 7'1 in his cowboy boots. Here are some announced heights: Rounding to the nearest quarter inch Feb.

He looked long-necked with a straight posture. No way Kiel's head and hands would look that big next to Andre's.

Actually that seems to be the case with a lot of the composites people put together. At first glance, it is hard to take that picture as an indicator of reality.

To me it looks like it is not to scale. I do think Kiel was the taller man, but why would one what to use a picture of of two separate images combined, and possible not to scale, when the Andre Wilt pictures exist, and they were taken when the two men were ACTUALLY side by side.

Just food for thought. Andre looks atleast 3 inches shorter if not more. Unfortunately I don't know how to post it here..

Andre was 6' I'd estimate close to 7'1 mid 70s. They do not have an agenda. The Andre Wilt pics with Arnold have been tilted in both directions you can see the difference when one person is taller than the other and how the lines are skewed and the shadows are skewed.

The original pic is out there and shows Andre looks slightly taller because of his footwear advantage.

Then because of that we have people trying to correct the photo by tilting it to suit their argument. Pics can be very deceptive. Shots with people of considerable height put him close, but not quite there, ish give or take a half inch.

Then when you consider the difference in height between him and Hogan in the ring. I can see either possibility.

I believe he was over 7ft, was it 4 inches? Not too sure. Happens to my 6'10" friend all the time. Vince was the king of Kayfabe.

Having him stand on a box etc. With peak 6'5 hogan in s he looks 6'10 range. His last days are around 6'9 as seen with 6'8 Tyler Mane during his match in Japan.

This is with the photo straightened Click Here and where the top of Wilt's head is under the wig Click Here. Wilt may have a height advantage of half an inch, Click Here Click Here.

Andre continued to grow well into his Mid to late 20's though, and Rob's number is pretty close to the money.

I've argued that he was likely closer to cm at his peak in the late 70's, but alas, we may never know. Japanese medical exams have him at cm, and that is why i use that figure, but alas, the family of Andre wont release his medical records to confirm.

But sometimes certain people don't have a page on CH, so we just talk about them on normal pages.

Sometimes talking about one person's height can help us learn about anothers. But I'm not sure how Lebron James can help with Andre. Something like talking about Kane's height on Takers page can help though.

We are roaming far into the weeds with basketball players heights. Just my opinion. He might have grown to 6'11" at his tallest.

I guess one can consider a morning measurement a valid measurement but site standards are afternoon. For me Personally I go with afternoon as well.

He didn't grow. Ben simmons 6. If you can find it please let me know. It just said that the combine events began then that day.

And to add, players know that laying down makes them taller as Christian and I both said on Big shows page.

They could look less than 3 in one at least. Most here agree. Probably not much though. Looking at Draymond with Kobe, they are extremely close in height.

As for Kerr he is exaggerating both. And Curry is that in shoes not barefoot. It just said that the combine events began then.

Click Here Simmons is a little closer to the camera too. And see what I wrote about Liangelo on his page. Click Here 6'9.

I haven't seen anywhere that Harrison Barnes is now officially listed as 6'6" but he's clearly taller than the official listing of 6'6.

I'm not surprised Deandre Jordan has an official 6'11" listing with the Nets as he always looked taller than what he measured coming out of college IIRC 6'9.

Most teams have players losing just an inch or some none at all. Maybe less. And It does say it there that he found out this morning Barea.

Maybe mid morning. It's really hard to see Andre as tall as him. At most I can buy for Andre is , and maybe just When he had his later issues post WM6, then it seems he had real trouble in standing straight without support.

The video I recently posted shows him ducking under doors as much as a seven footer would. That being said, here he was next to max 5'11" peak Bret Hart, looking shorter: Click Here Backlund's puffy hair made him look taller.

Big bone structure too. I think he could have been as low as 6'9" flat Might have seemed near 6ft9, but I feel anywhere in 6ft range is possible at his lowest point before passing.

He had already been through back surgery by that time. For example, in the WWE, they say that their ring's perimeter is 20" x 20", but it could be more 19" x 19".

More like 4'6" max.

das Gewicht Andr Roussimoffs, welche Fairey zuvor bereits für den Andre the Giant has a Posse-Aufkleber verwendet hatte, in Buchstaben ausgeschrieben. Zu sagen dass der französische Wrestler und Schauspieler André the giant (​) in einer ganz eigenen Welt Das Gewichtheben war seine Spezialität. André the Giant Giant Machine. Namenszusätze: „The 8th Wonder Of The World“ „The Gentle Giant“. Körpergrösse: cm. Kampfgewicht: kg - kg. Da im Wrestling-Geschäft mitunter bei Gewicht und Körpergröße Giant Gonzales: 2,32 Meter. Er ist der Andre The Giant: 2,13 – 2,24 Meter. André the Giant wurde durch das Wrestling berühmt, doch auch seine enorme Größe von 2,26 Meter und sein Gewicht von unglaublichen Einige japanische Scouts luden ihn dann auch in das Land der aufgehenden Sonne Ist read more besser so. Seine Asche wurde auf seiner Ranch verstreut. Gemanagt von Bobby Heenan durften sie den damaligen Tag-Team -Champions Demolition die Titel abnehmen [2]verloren diese bei Wrestlemania 6 aber wieder an dieselben. Studd wettete Er hatte seine Lebenserwartung um 6 Jahre überschreiten können. Mehr Beiträge von Thorn Hallis finden. Aber dem war nicht read article.

The growth of this man was centimeters with the weight of kilos. Bones began to grow too quickly. As the result, already in his childhood Andre became a real giant.

His giant size Andre decided to turn into something positive. Therefore, he chose a professional wrestling career.

Swallow a few packs of beer or bottles of wine before an important match was quite a common practice for Andre. Dies ist die gesichtete Version , die am April markiert wurde.

Es gibt 5 ausstehende Änderungen , die noch gesichtet werden müssen. Letzte Überprüfung: 4. Oktober Namensräume Artikel Diskussion.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Mai Coulommiers , Frankreich. Januar Paris. Frank Valois , Edouard Carpentier.

News of the Andre the Giant death was met with tears from family, friends, and longtime fans.

It was a re-issue of an earlier VHS of the same name that had been a limited release. The winner of each match would receive a memorial trophy that resembled Andre.

At only 46 years of age, Andre passed away. He was not the only wrestler to die so young. Reasons for the premature deaths of pro wrestlers often include the tough, physical demands put on the body inside the squared circle.

The problem was that he died in Paris, and there was no crematorium nearby that could perform the cremation on a body so large.

Bernard spread the ashes on horseback at the Roussimoff family ranch grounds in rural Ellerbe, North Carolina. Sound off in the comments below.

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BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN MEIРЇEN FINDEN Hier musst du deinen Benutzernamen to Andre The Giant Gewicht Welcome Bonus.

Beste Spielothek in Gipf-Oberfrick finden Ein riesiger Bierpitcher, in dem wahllos harter Alkohol gemischt wurde. Es Games Rito Ihnen nicht erlaubtIhre Beiträge zu bearbeiten. War sie da? Nein, Fans erinnern sich nicht wirklich gerne an seine Kämpfe. Den Rückkampf beim SummerSlam verlor er klar gegen den Undertaker.
Andre The Giant Gewicht Private Nachricht El King schicken. Einzelmatches konnte Roussimoff aber danach auch nicht mehr bestreiten. Treffen der Giganten: Am Der Appetit des Wrestlers war ebenso legendär wie sein Durst. Private Beste Spielothek Colonia Agrippinensis finden an Demonwrestler schicken. Deshalb bildete man ein Team mit Hakudas sich Colossal Connection nannte.
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SPIELE CRYSTAL LAND - VIDEO SLOTS ONLINE Ja — aber es reicht gerade einmal für den zehnten Platz auf der Liste der Ring-Riesen. Aber leider nicht wirklich gut geschrieben. Zitat: Zitat von morgoth Hallo! Hier eine Article source. Kategorien :. Treffen der Giganten: Https://
Westdeutschland Karte Auch in seinem Duell gegen den Wrestling-Riesen musste sich Wepner geschlagen geben. Manche schwärmen von Büchern und Autoren und andere finden sie langweilig und schlecht. Es ist Ihnen nicht erlaubtAnhänge hochzuladen. Dies ist die gesichtete Versiondie am go here Hier eine Kostprobe:. Ihren Höhepunkt fand diese Fehde bei Wrestlemania 1 im Jahr Geändert von Indikator
Andre The Giant Gewicht Oktober Er war so sanft und lieb", so Rob Reiner in einem Interview. Es ist Ihnen nicht erlaubtAnhänge hochzuladen. Ist zwar nicht source weit, dass es beim Lesen weh tut, aber Spass macht es auch nicht.
Angeblich wurde er see more einem Eisblock gefunden und aufgetaut. Zwischen und kam er für mehrere Auftritte nach Montreal zu International Wrestling zurück. Der riesige Junge zog Aufmerksamkeit auf sich - von Wrestling-Promotern. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Suche öffnen Icon: Suche. Shopübersicht Top Gutscheine. Nein, auch wir finden keine Antwort darauf. At most I can buy for Andre isand maybe just Gotta love the guy with the ginger hair trying to stand as tall as humanly possible, check this out to look taller than those other two. Having him stand on a box. This is with the photo straightened Click Here and where the top of Can T-Online Tablet 50 Euro something head is under the wig Click Here. I'm a pacifist when there's too many witnesses -- Sotuhpark. The Article source with 7'1 Wilt Chamberlain shows he was at best 6'11, with the cowboy boots on 7'1 or so. A number of wrestlers estimated him at around seven feet tall, while some sportswriters and other athletes pegged him Bitcoin Umrechnen In around six-nine. Ihren Höhepunkt fand diese Fehde bei Wrestlemania 1 im Jahr Aufgrund seiner breiten Statur sah er einfach aus wie ein echter Riese, was ihm etliche Rollen in Filmen verschaffte. Während die "Faces" gut und rechtschaffen auftreten, ziehen die "Heels" mit bösartigem Verhalten den Zorn des Publikums auf sich. Auch in seinem Duell gegen den Wrestling-Riesen musste sich Wepner geschlagen geben. Reicht ja auch. Hogan Match aus dem selben Jahr verwechselt. Smileys sind an. Seine Matches wurden mit rapidem Tempo langsamer, und er fühlte sich zudem noch schlechter als je zuvor. Januar mehrere Wrestler gleichzeitig gegeneinander an. Ein Service von Webgears. Gonzales verlor dennoch am Ende. Sie hatten damals auch einen Angle bei dem Qualifikation FuГџball ein Armwrestling Match hatten. Diese Männer here echte Kolosse! ParisFrankreich. Ja — aber es reicht gerade einmal für den zehnten Platz auf der Liste der Ring-Riesen.

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